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Public Relations Office - Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico (URP)

The Public Relations Office essentially HELPS citizen users.

This office welcomes citizen users providing them with indications such as "how - where - when" one can obtain a service, how one can resolve a problem and who the right person to see is.

The unit informs citizens on the use of the services offered by the Hospital, in cooperation with the Quality and Communication Unit with regard to services, initiatives, projects and innovations.

This office unites the citizens with the operators facilitating participation of citizen representatives in the life of the Hospital, proposing initiatives and cooperating in the bringing about of specific projects, also through the Mixed Consultancy Committee.

Protection of citizens’ health care rights is the duty of the URP, receiving complaints, inconveniences, disservices or defaults or commendations by citizens regarding their dealings with the health care service.

The Office listens to the needs and the level of satisfaction of the public by regularly undertaking opinion surveys, with the cooperation of the volunteer and patient rights associations, through the promotion of the improvement of the quality of services and performance provided by the Hospital.

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