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Information in English language

Quality and Communication Unit - S.C. Qualità e comunicazione e formazione

The Quality and Communication Unit was founded for the purpose of continuous improvement of the quality of services provided and of communications, supporting the General Management, in terms of methodology to define strategies for the quality and internal and external communication.
Both health care and administrative personnel work inside this unit in an interdisciplinary modality, which, based on the requirements pertaining to Institutional Accreditation, has developed a quality management system based upon the ISO 9001:2015 certification scheme. This unit aims to achieve the "culture of quality" that promotes a system centered on the citizen / user through the analysis, design and development of the experience of quality improvement, with the involvement of all actors and the enhancement of participation of users, including assessment and certification systems for excellence and the possible testing of innovative models.

With the support of the Public Relations Office and in cooperation with the Press Office, this unit develops internal and external communications, such as managing layout and insertion of content on the Internet site, promoting and participating in the organization of events and updating all facility signage.

Due to the peculiarity of its work, this unit is in constant synergy with the other Hospital Units.

The Unit is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 by CSQ (Certificate n.9122.EOGA).

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