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Information Communications Technology and clinical engineering - S.C. Informatica e Telecomunicazioni e Ingegneria clinica

This unit supplies corporate Information Communications Technology (ICT) services including: organizational/functional analyses; systems environment preparation; logistics/organizational guidelines; support software development, analyses, third party software testing and verification; communications infrastructure management (telecommunications, images and data); management of contracts with telecommunications and data providers as well as postal and telegraph services using IT operations; administration of requests for new hardware and software supplies and management of relative CONSIP [Italian National Public Administration IT Consultancy] contracts and agreements; technical support for IT and telecommunications resources assigned to users; first level assistance for operating systems and software used for corporate productivity; computer security and digitization of documents (digital signature and electronic storage); safeguarding of data with electronic instrumentation pursuant to privacy regulations in force; it training management.

The Application Area Unit may be broken down into six clinical and administrative sectors that carry out the following functions:
Clinical sector. Maintenance and control of the integrated admission procedures; Reservation and registration of access, and of integrated prescription and diagnostic test procedures for patients’ medical records; Management of internal health service information flows and performance accountability to regional and other involved public authorities; Development of applications to be added to the information systems for the collection of clinical data, for reporting and for services connected with health care activities.
Administrative sector. Maintenance and control of integrated personnel management, of supply, of the annual report, of operations management, and protocols; Management of flows and corporate processing regarding tax and economics, as well as correlated regional and/or ministerial flows.
The hospital information system is characterized by a high level of integration and penetration from the wards to the diagnostic services.

The Systems Area Unit deals with basic infrastructure and services (network services and access security management; technological infrastructure operations; management of the institution's servers; database management, including backup operations and any necessary recoveries; verification and monitoring of the network and data traffic hardware; design and implementation of wiring systems in line with the requirements expressed in the modernization construction plans), particular systems and services (management of attendance detection devices and computer management of access ways; virtual fax service management; IP network management of video surveillance, acquisition and transmission systems; Management of DICOM [Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine]). The network systems services have been created and are managed by internal personnel using exclusively open source software and Linux OS. The integration with the Windows (NETBIOS) environment and Unix was realized with SaMBa. In addition web applications were developed in-house based on the MySQL database system.

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