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Information in English language

Health and Safety Service Office - S.C. Prevenzione e protezione

The Health and Safety Service Office performs its duties as established by Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 and later amendments (Consolidated Law on Safety). These duties are as follows: it provides cooperation with the General Manager for the identification of risk factors, risk assessments, identification of safety measures in the workplace, development of safety procedures, drafting of the Risk Assessment Document in cooperation with occupational physicians; the office provides technical-legal consultation to internal divisions within the scope of safety protection, contracted activities within job-sites inside the Institution (preparation of Interference Risk Assessment Documents with the Engineering Office) organization/upgrading of work areas and in the purchase of collective and personal protective equipment; the office designs, coordinates and presents safety training/information sessions aimed at the employees of the Institution; it also analyses injuries and professional illnesses through the collection of information, identifies corrective measures and prepares the connected statistical documents. Occupational physicians find assistance and cooperation here with cases of workplace disease; It also manages hazardous waste produced by the Institution.

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