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Vascular and extra-vascular Interventional Radiology Unit - U.O. a direzione universitaria di Radiologia vascolare interventistica

The Operative Unit of Interventional Radiology deals with vascular and extravascular interventional care, a modern branch of medicine with a very high technological impact, that acts in a  mini invasive way in ordinary and emergency care.
Interventional radiology procedures are becoming more and more common in clinical practice as an alternative or in combination with classical surgical techniques in any specialist fields.
Nowadays it can be applied almost to all body organs and systems.
Medical interventions can be performed by the interventional radiologists team alone or jointly with the anesthesiological, surgical or medical equip (based on the diagnostic / therapeutic request).
These surgical interventions are defined as minimally invasive because in 99% of cases they are performed only percutaneously (access by needle and guide wire), without the need for surgical incisions.
They are performed under the guidance of angiography, ecotomography, computed tomography or "fusion imaging" (a recent method that combines relevant information from two or more images allowing the management of the most complex clinical cases).
The main branches of Interventional Radiology concern the arterial and venous vascular surgical field, abdominal and thoracic surgical, oncological, gastro-enterological, neurological and neurosurgical, gynecological, urological, nephrological and orthopedic.

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