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Immunohematology and Transfusion Unit - S.S.D. Servizio di immunoematologia e trasfusionale

The SIT (Immunohematology and Transfusion Unit) mainly receives donations of both whole blood and hemocomponents through aphaeresis and also safeguards the health of donors. Other institutional activities are: laboratory of immunohematology, laboratory of transfusion compatibility, production of hemocomponents and virology laboratory for hemocomponent validation. The SIT is also involved in transfusion activities for surgery (intra-operative and post-operative recovery, platelet gels), transfusion clinic (whole blood predeposit, transfusion therapy, administration of iron, EPO, hemoderivatives, IgG anti-D at the 28th week of pregnancy), therapeutic aphaeresis (plasma-erythrocyte-exchange, aphaeric cytoreduction), Regional Centre of Hemopoietic Stem Cell (bone marrow, peripherals and cordonal blood) Donors including performance of the stages leading from registration to donation and subsequent follow-up.


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