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Information in English language

Hospital Directorate - Direzione Sanitaria

The mission of the Hospital Directorate is that of planning, coordinating and supervising health care services from the point of view of the technical and organizational aspects connected with health care and hygiene, participating in the “clinical governance” of the Hospital through the following:

  • participation in budget negotiations;
  • participation in the “clinical governance” by way of supervision of the compliance;
  • of the services with national and local regulatory provisions as well as the verification of compliance with standards of transparency and impartiality;
  • coordination and supervision of hospital files and patient records;
  • assessment of the human resources assignment efficiency and production factors;
  • assessment of the definition of resource assignment priority criteria for the departments and the Units, with verification of the congruity between the resources assigned and the objectives set;
  • coordination and control, for the responsible parties, of the work relative to continuing professional development training, hospital infections, proper use of blood, forensic medicine and mortuary police divisions, special waste disposal and of disinfection and sterilization procedures;
  • assessment of proposals for additional resources for the Departments and the Units in conjunction with the managers;
  • participation in health care assessment, trials, research and training;
  • supervision of the implementation of regulations as concerns preventive health care, health protection and on the work performed in the hospital pharmacy;
  • coordination Unit for Clinical Risk Management and related activities, in order to increase patient safety, through the analysis and improvement of clinical processes and organizational aspects.
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