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Preconception and Prenatal Pathophysiology Unit - S.S.C. Fisiopatologia preconcezionale e prenatale

The concept 'fetus as a patient' is not very recent, but to date has acquired great importance due to technical advances in the field of diagnostic imaging and the acquisition of a great deal of knowledge on the physiology and pathology of the fetus. The multidisciplinary approach involving experts in the field of fetal medicine and radiology, geneticists, obstetricians, neonatologist, pediatric surgeons, pathologists is the best response to the request of maternal-foetal well-being, allowing a more precise diagnosis and prognosis , and the best management of pregnancy for both mother and fetus.

The clinical activity of the unit is addressed to the screening, diagnosis and management of various diseases of the fetus in pregnancies at low and high risk.


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