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Rehabilitative and Alzheimer-Maintenance Unit - S.S.D. RSA Galliera

The RSA (Residenza Sanitaria Assistenziale) consists of two units: first Level Rehabilitative RSA Unit (25 beds) the operational objective of which is to give patients back the best possible functional capability with the purpose of their obtaining a fast and safe reintegration and an Alzheimer-Maintenance Unit (24 beds) in which patient/guests afflicted with dementia causing significant psycho-behavioural alterations are admitted. Patient care and assistance has as its primary objective the maintenance of the highest possible levels of cognitive/functional/behavioural abilities. The medical services provided by the multi-disciplinary team following an Individualised Care Program foresees diverse strategies. Occupational and physical therapy are integrated with sensory stimulation, made possible owing to the ample and dedicated spaces available - The Unit also has an Alzheimer Garden.

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