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Geriatric University Unit

This is part of the Geriatric Unit which, in collaboration with the Local Health Authority  3 of Genoa, constitutes the Integrated Network of Hospital/Territory Geriatric Services.

Inpatient unit  (UGA-Geriatric Unit for Acute Patients): the mission of the UGA is to provide diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for elderly people with acute or chronic pathologies in the reacutisation phase, featuring marked complexity and of a problematic nature, in order to restore, as much and as quickly as possible, clinical stability and functional independence.

The clinical and rehabilitation process is synergically assisted by the Geriatric Day Hospital and by the clinics (general and specialised in cognitive disturbances) in order to offer continuity of treatment to the population, especially the citizens of Genoa, the Italian city with the largest number of elderly people.

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