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Infectious Diseases Unit - S.C. Malattie infettive

By now, the role of Infectious Diseases has acquired a recognised interdisciplinary value with all the other specialities due to the onset of new infective pathologies (e.g.: HIV-related disease, SARS, bird flu), due to the need to address medical and surgical infective complications that are increasingly more difficult, due to constant population ageing. Increasingly resistant infective agents have come to the fore and can cause very serious infections, especially when they occur in immune-compromised patients during oncological treatment or in transplants or in subjects wearing orthopaedic, vascular, cardiac prostheses, etc. The Infectious Diseases Unit is also a reference point for hospitals in Local Health Authority 3 that do not have a specialist centre. These hospitals send in patients with infective pathologies while this Unit sends them infectologists for consulting purposes.

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