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Neonatology Unit - S.C. Neonatologia

The Neonatology Unit comprises a section providing Assistance to the physiological development of newborn babies and a department of Neonatal Pathology. It also performs Day Hospital and outpatient activities specifically dedicated to the follow-up of premature babies. Assistance to the physiological development of newborn babies sets out to promote breast-feeding through the routine application of facilitation techniques and the demedicalisation of the post-partum process. Neonatal Pathology is a Second Level Advanced Centre providing intensive and semi-intensive assistance to Newborns  in the gestational phase ≥ 30 weeks and/or weighing >1000 g, babies with breathing difficulties requiring non-invasive mechanical ventilation, babies requiring Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), babies requiring invasive diagnostic procedures or treatment requiring monitoring.


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