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Haematology Unit - S.S.D. Microcitemia, anemie congenite e dismetabolismo del ferro

This Unit is comprised of: an haematology clinic that performs genetic examinations and counselling, follow-ups for clinical situations not requiring day-hospital. Within the scope of day-hospital recovery admissions procedures, the centre manages daily recovery assistance for therapies and performs the multi-speciality tests provided for in therapeutic protocols. The main pathologies treated are: thalassaemic syndromes, hemoglobinopathies, enzyme and erythrocyte membrane alterations, hyporegenerative, dyserythropoietic and deficiency anaemia, haemochromatosis and situations of acquired iron overload and myelodysplastic syndromes. Over the years the Unit has earned a significant rate of extra-regional referrals, whilst it is the home of Regional Rare Disease Network as well as the keeper of the Regional Pathology Archives.


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