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Short Stay Observation and Short Recovery Units - S.S.C. Osservazione breve intensiva (O.B.I.) e degenza breve

The Short Stay Observation (O.B.I.) and Short Recovery Units are comprised of two wards respectively with 9 and 12 monitored beds, with possibility of 24 hour observation in the O.B.I. and 72 in Short Recovery. The clinical operations in the two Units, begun in 2003 as just the O.B.I. and were integrated with the Short Recovery Unit about 5 years ago. These units are aimed at defining and continuing diagnostic assessment in clinical cases with the objective of stabilising, with suitable procedures and therapies, different clinical situations arriving in the emergency room daily, whether they manifest a clinical picture that is for general medicine or surgery or even specialist in nature (tachyarrhythmia, dyspnoea, chest pain, vertiginous syndromes, low back pain, multiple traumas). This work has the dual purpose of avoiding unnecessary hospital recoveries in specialist wards for patients as well as inappropriate and potentially hazardous discharge.


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