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Orthopaedics of Articulations Unit - S.C. Ortopedia delle articolazioni

The Orthopaedics of Articulations Unit, a specialised Unit for sports trauma care, carries out daily clinic work in Pavilion C. First visits are organised through the CUP [Centro Unico Prenotazioni], whilst second visits, clinical post-operative checks and medication are by appointment. Specialist consultation for the Casualty and the Hospital is also carried out.

Steroid and hyaluronic acid injection therapies for the knee, shoulder and ankle, ultrasound guided hip injection with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for pathologies of the Achilles tendon, patella, lateral epicondylitis and Osteitis pubis are performed. Pre-surgery assessments are carried out with international protocols. The Biomechanical Laboratory, with Regional accreditation pending, is active daily for bio-mechanical, postural and isokinetic assessments for pre and post operative patients.

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