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Orthogeriatrics Unit - S.S.D. Ortogeriatria per intensità di cure

The unit is organized on two levels of intensity of care.

Level 2 - surgical area. Addressed to the frail elderly with major trauma disorders and comorbidities (eg, patients with hip fracture). 
The model applied is orthogeriatric it means operating in a multidisciplinary way: the key points are an early classification, a rapid stabilization before surgery, an immediate postoperative mobilization and rehabilitation.

Level 3 - post-acute. Level 3 is intended for patient after surgery for hip fracture, or for fragile subjects undergoing elective surgery.
A geriatrician tutor, who works across the two levels, takes care of patients to ensure continuity of care.This organization is aimed to reduce the risk associated with prolongation of hospital stay, improving the perceived quality and effectiveness of care.

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